Holiday is a mood. Take it home, and #chillwithus!

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Slowly handcrafted in Belgium

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Chyll's story started with this 38 years old beanbag (see above picture, left hand side). It is of course not for sale. It has been covered 3 times. I inherited it from my grandmother, Mimi, one of the person who has been bringing me the most pure happiness in my life. As one of the centerpieces of the living room of my grandparents' family's apartment by the North sea, this beanbag embellished my vacation days and evenings throughout my whole life.

Four years ago, Mimi passed the way in hard circonstances due to the Covid pandemic. Every day since then, each time I see my beloved beanbag, I have had a deep love thought for her and our "dream summer life" at the North sea @knokke.

When Edgar, my second son, was born in september 2023, I went through a quite difficult period.  Since he was born he had been suffering from a very strong gastroesophageal reflux disease and could not sleep longer than 45 minutes straight. We were so tired with my husband. However, I realized that this magic beanbag was still there to help me mentally escape on holiday and revive my memories to feel good again. 

I started to surf on Internet to take inspirations to draw and create the perfect beanbag in my eyes. Something nice to sit on, stand up, play with friends or kids, sit on again.. A dynamic seat, simple and refined at the same time. Also I wanted to create a product coping with my values. It was thus key for me to find a way to make ethical and sustainable beanbags taking care of both humans & nature at the same time. Eventually, after so many trials and DYI sessions accompanied by Edgar my new born baby, I found the right balance between softness and shape, mixing natural filling stuff with beautiful fashionable fabrics. Making beanbags, I thought some cushions handcrafted in the same spirit could be a nice thing on top to add color and chillness in our homes. Chyll was born in march 2024.

At the end of the day, with the Chyll brand, I want to thank my grandmother for her love and the magic she spread all around her. But also celebrate this holiday spirit full of candor & simplicity all year long.


holiday is a mood. Take it home, #chillwithus!


P R O D U C T S ...

Beanbags & more slowly handcrafted in 🇧🇪 

Each product is entirely handcrafted in our little family workshop from the fabric selection to the sewing including the filling of the layers.

All our products are made with 2 layers of fabric. The beanbags' outer cover is washable with care at law temparture to preserve both the fabric & the environment.


C O L L E C T I O N S ...

Beanbags & more. Small label. Low stocks.

Chyll currently offers beanbags (pioneer product) & a limited number of cushions. Beanbags are available in 1 size 65/65/40 cm. 

For the beanbags, our precious clients may currently choose among:

3 fabrics from the Timeless collection.

4 fabrics from the Limited Edition collection.

2 fabrics from the Boudoir collection (Soon be E-shoped)

A few unique pieces based on available upcycled nice stuff.


U M I - pouf - Blue sky - Limited Edition collection.

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Most I M P O R T A N T L Y... Never forget: every minute matters! So KISS the ones you love!

Mimi & I around the old Togo sofa at Knokke le zoute, winter 1996 🧡